You’re always my Light in the darkest of nights when the moon ain’t in sight
— "WHEN I'M LOST" Brandon Burke

Last year when I first heard the original draft of “When I’m Lost”, by Aswan (Paper Tongues), I was sitting down with my wife and we both were like “Wow, this song is amazing!” — The lyrics, the sound, and the authentic vulnerability conveyed by the message was so... refreshing… I could feel God all over this song.

A few days later my family and I were on 3 hour road trip back home. On the drive I played the song for my children for the first time in the car. I remember having the same “WOW” feeling form before... but this time my 2 year old daughter, Sierra, that kept saying “Daddy can you replay that song!” She asked over and over again for 3 straight hours! She wouldn’t allow us to play any other songs!

By the 14th or 15th time she was singing the lyrics “I will always say your name..When I’m Lost”. At that point it hit me, this isn’t just a song she likes, this song is speaking to her, from the lips of my baby girl she is declaring praise to God as the Bible declares in Psalm 8. This was a prophetic moment and this was God’s heartbeat for the next generation!!! I became overwhelmed with hope; if my 2 year old daughter could be impacted by this track in such a profound way, could the same experience happen for others? God wants us to know Who He is in every area of our lives, especially in the darkest places… that is actually where Sierra's light shines the most… I begin to think about all the people I have recently been praying for to know Jesus and those I knew who were struggling with being lost or feeling lost in some way or another...


I have personally seen God meet me in my darkest times and become my light and I wanted those I knew to experience the same thing… that is what sparked my first lyric… ”Your always my Light in the darkest of nights when the moon ain’t in sight..”

The song just continues to grow on me and everyone I share it with feels the same. They say ”there is just something on this song!!”

About 2 months ago, I felt a strong impression that I was suppose to release this song on Resurrection Sunday. During that time I met Lou Engle randomly at a gas station in Orlando after a huge gathering of 60,000 young people. They were worshipping Jesus and praying for 12 hours straight to see Him made known in our generation and to see lost souls come to Christ. The Irony of meeting Lou at a gas station after going to this gathering mixed with what I was feeling about releasing the song on Resurrection Sunday was so surreal. I believe it was God.

I didn’t even know Lou at the time but Aswan the first writer on “When I’m Lost” did, so as soon as I told him about meeting Lou he immediately felt led to set up a meeting. That meeting turned into a powerful moment of confirmation and prophetic insight about what we believed God was saying to us about our generation and how we could pray together to see this song impact people to call on the Name that is Above every Name… Jesus!!! The rest has been History in the making!!! And the best part is..You're Now Apart of it! HIS-STORY!